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Sewer Scope


We offer sewer scope bookings on your behalf. 

"Why", you ask?

Sewer scopes are an important part of buying a home in the greater Seattle area.  It is the most expensive system of the home that we are totally unable to evaluate as part of a home inspection. The entire system lives underground and it requires a special endoscope-camera system to evaluate the system for: cracks, bellies, root-intrusions, material-types, tie-ins and overall conditions of the system. 

We do not perform these inspections ourselves. We hire the most respected sewer inspection companies in your area to meet us onsite, during your inspection. They will independently perform the sewer scope and provide you with results at the time of your home inspection. We will link their findings to your home inspection report making it easy to reference all your inspection findings in one place. 


Since we work with these professionals regularly; we offer their services at a slightly-discounted price. We will bill the home inspection services, and sewer scope services all on one invoice (our invoice) for ease of payment.  

Prefer to book your own sewer scope? Thats cool too, we'll even give you the numbers of the best pros in the area. If you choose to book yourselves, we can not guarantee pricing or availability. 


 $279  (depending on the independant- contractor)

*Call for an availability  425-298-7382 


Generally within 2 days; we try our best to schedule the sewer scope for the same time-frame as your scheduled home inspection. 

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