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What is the cost of a Home Inspection?

Home inspections start at $459 and increase based on the condition, ft², age & location of the home. We certainly are not the cheapest inspection company around; nor do we aim to be. We offer robust, complete, full-scope inspections without up-charges for thermal-infrared, drone, or radio-wave moisture meter usage. 

When Should I Schedule my Home Inspection?

Typically you will schedule  within the inspection-contingency in your offer agreement OR prior to submitting your offer. Exceptions can be made for pre-listing-inspections, new-home inspections (the builder will give you a date range), and building-in-process inspections (schedule with your builder prior to sheet-rock installation). 

How Long Will my Home Inspection Take?

Home inspections take between 2½  hours and 4 hours depending on the size of the home and the condition. We will give you a time estimate with your confirmed appointment so you can plan accordingly. We reserve the option to stretch the appointment as needed in order to ensure the completeness of our findings

Should I be Present for my Home Inspection?

This depends on your level of understanding/familiarity with the complex systems within the home.

If you're a first time buyer - you should be there the whole time. 

If you're familiar with the systems, show up towards the end for an overview.

If you're an investor - read through the report and call us with questions. 

Why do I Need a Home Inspection?

Information is power. Making an informed, and educated decision requires access to all available information about the home. Thats where we come in. Would you invest in anything without proper research first? Our inspections are often referred to as "the best $XXX I didn't know I needed to spend"

Should my Agent be Present?

Your agent is required by their licensure to be present throughout the inspection. They will log into the MLS key box to give us access to the home. Exceptions are made for inspections performed after purchase is completed, at the 1-year warranty mark, or for pre-listing inspection [none of which require your agent to be present]. 

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