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Home Consultations

This service is designed to give a high-level overview of the most important and/or expensive systems in the home. Because this type of inspection is not a full home inspection: it does not adhere to state-standards for a "home inspection". It is a consultative service we choose to offer to clients in certain situation where a full home inspection is not the right choice

  • Foundation & Supportive Structure (crawlspace/basement & observable structure)

  • Roof & Attic Structure/Longevity/Condition

  • HVAC system age/condition/operability

  • Hot water heater age/condition/operability

  • Electrical Panel brand (for known defective panels)/service size/branch-wiring type/condition & safety hazards

  • Exterior siding types/condition

  • Window general condition/type

  • Plumbing types in use (copper/galvanized/lead/PEX/etc.)


Important disclosure:

In this high-level, general overview we DO NOT inspect:  Individual branch plumbing by bathroom/kitchen/wet-area, electrical by room, windows by room, kitchen and laundry appliances, individual room conditions & deficiencies, doors, decks/porches/balconies, miscellaneous features/areas of the home.

*This service is NOT considered a replacement for a full home inspection. You can not choose this inspection type if you are under contract pending inspection contingency.


*If you are selling your home; you can not use this inspection service to provide a home inspection to potential buyers. You may choose this option if you're looking to uncover large-issues prior to listing. In any case; you are responsible for disclosing all found items to all potential buyers. 

Most commonly this inspection type is used for:

  • investors not concerned with minutiae.

  • buyers who have not yet placed an offer and use this option to plan their bid/strategy/desire-to-bid. 

  • sellers looking to uncover large-issues prior to listing (you are responsible for disclosing all findings to potential buyers)



Starting at $319 (under 1600sqft)

*Call for an estimate 425-298-7382 


Generally within 2 days

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