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HUD Foundation

Engineering Certificates

Buying a manufactured home? Many lenders will require a HUD Foundation Engineering Certificate to lend on a manufactured home. We've got you covered here too. We've partnered with an engineering firm to provide everything your lender needs. 

This inspection is rather quick, although expensive due to the cost of engineering certificates. 

Our inspection will include photos of the address, grading around the building, all sides of the building, all attached structures, and photo-documentation of the tie-down system, number of tie-downs, HUD tags, measurements of the home, skirting, and building structure elements.

Typically these inspections take about 30-45 minutes. We will send all of our findings to the engineering firm the same day. Turn around on engineering certificates is typically within 2-3 business days (M-F). 

If corrections are needed, we will return to the site to document any improvements required by your lender. 


$479 (includes inspection & engineering certificate provided by Hayman Engineering)

Questions? Give us a call at 425-298-7382 


Generally within 2 days

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